Guide for medical cannabis ministers
and medical marijuana ministers

    This is a Guide for medical cannabis ministers and medical marijuana ministers.

    This Guide outlines some of the topics you may need to prepare for in order to have a successful legal defense in both federal (U.S.) and state (California) court for working as a medical marijuana minister or medical cannabis minister in a California medical cannabis collective, dispensary, or cooperative.

    Exact material will vary greatly by religion. I provide examples from my own religion, although many of the examples may not apply to your religion. You will want to prepare your own defense, probably with the help of a lawyer skilled in first amendment and criminal law.


    Many courts claim that philosophy is different than religion. This is a specifically Roman Catholic belief in origin (to allow the Roman Catholic Church to use philosophy, especially Aristotle, without using the religions, especially Hellenism and the Kemetic religion). The Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) religion invented philosophy as an integral part of the religion. Many other world religions include philosophy.

legal standards

    “(2) is part of a religion that is comprehensive in nature and consists of a belief system as opposed to an isolated teaching;” —Malnak v. Yogi

    “4. Comprehensiveness of Beliefs: Another hallmark of “religious” ideas is that they are comprehensive. More often than not, such beliefs provide a telos, an overreaching array of beliefs that coalesce to provide the believer with answers to many, if not most, of the problems and concerns that confront humans. In other words, religious beliefs generally are not confined to one question or a single teaching. Africa, 662 F.2d at 1035.” —United States of America v David Meyers

    “a recognized creed and form of worship,” —IRS definition of a church

    “a formal code of doctrine and discipline,” —IRS definition of a church

religious freedom reply to IRS standards

    The fourth requirement, that a church have a formal code of doctrine and discipline, may contradict a fundamental tenet of an organization that it have “no traditional doctrine.” For example, the Quakers do not have a “written or spoken formal creed . . . . The Society never requires of its members the acceptance of any formula or belief.” The Plymouth Brethren “oppose man made creeds as being human additions to the Word of God. Many other evangelicals share this view.” — “Defining Religion in American Law” by Bruce J. Casino, International Coalition for Religious Freedom

Kemetic or ancient Egyptian religion

    The Greeks (including famous Greek philosophers) believed that the origin of Greek philosophy was earlier Kemetic (ancient Egyptian) philosophy.

    An example from the Shabaka stela:

    There comes into being in the heart; there comes into being by the tongue as the image of Atum! Ptah is the very great, who gives life to all the neteru and their kas. It is all in this heart and by this tongue.
    His [Ptah’s] Puat [Ennead] is before him as heart, authoritative utterance, teeth, semen, lips, and hands of Atum. This Puat [Ennead] of Atum came into being through his semen and through his fingers. Surely, this Puat [Ennead of Ptah] is the teeth and the lips in the mouth, proclaiming the name of all things, from which Shu and Tefwt came forth as him, and which gave birth to the Puat [Ennead of Ptah]. The sight of the eyes, the hearing of the ears, and the breathing of air through the nose, they transmit to the heart, which brings forth every decision. Indeed, the tongue thence repeats what is in front of the heart. Thus was given birth to all the neteru. His [Ptah’s] Puat [Ennead] was completed. Lo, every word of the Ntr came into being through the thoughts in the heart and the command by the tongue. Thus all the faculties were made and all the qualities determined, they that make all foods and all provisions, through this word. [Life] to him who does what is loved, [death] to him who does what is hated. Thus life is given to the peaceful and death is given to the criminal. Thus all labor, all crafts, the action of the arms, the motion of the legs, the movements of all the limbs, acording to this command which is devised by the heart and comes orth by the tongue and creates the performance of everything.

    Ronald L. Bonewitz, PhD, geologist, wrote in his 1998 book hieroglyphics “Egyptian [the language] comes from a system of thought somewhat closer [than Mayan hierglyphs] to modern thought; indeed, it may be argued that modern thought is a direct [descendant] of Egyptian thought.”

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    Free weekly instruction for medical marijuana ministers and medical cannabis ministers every Monday night in Orange County, California. Write to: Milo, PO Bx 1361, Tustin, CA, 92781. Post office box checked once per month.

    The courts have already ruled in multiple cases that a person who starts preparing a religious defense (including gathering certificates and other paperwork) after arrest loses all chance to use the late religious defense. It is essential that you prepare your defense before you are arrested. Adequate preparation may even prevent arrest. With that in mind, doesn’t it make sense for at least one collective owner somewhere to pay me minimum wage to work on preparing these materials on a full time basis? Even the most callous cooperative owner should realize that low paid workers facing prison sentences are likely to change sides and testify for the police? On the other hand, if the workers have a religious defense ready then they need not fear going to prison and have no incentive to testify against the owner. I don’t care how jaded and selfish a dispensary owner is, it just makes good sense to have a strong religious defense ready for your workers.

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